Philadelphia :: most muraled city in the world

It is becoming a more commonly known fact about Philadelphia and its murals. There are mural tours offered to guide people through different neighborhoods and point out certain murals but, for anyone living in the city we see murals everyday and probably don’t even notice after a while. It took me a few years of … Continue reading

Philadelphia sailing

Philadelphia and sailing aren’t two things that come to mind for most. Not much for me either but, for anyone that just likes being on a boat the Delaware river can suffice. The photo gives an idea of the differnt vessels in the river. You can learn to sail or just pay for a couple … Continue reading

Coffee. Good coffee and atmosphere in Philly

Old City is a tourist neighborhood because it’s where all of the history starts – first church, first post office, first residential street, Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin’s house, etc. What does this have to do with coffee? A little bit… Old City has zoning that prohibits chain stores to keep it local and small. … Continue reading

The Jersey Shore we don’t advertise


After a weekend of traipsing around the city my favorite summertime treat is to take a day off in the middle of a work week and drive to the Jersey Shore for the afternoon. Not the Jersey Shore advertised on t.v. or the show on Mtv. the super chill long stretches of sand that are only 1 … Continue reading

the EPX

EPX is a neighborhood in South Philly. It’s not up and coming or new it is an old neighborhood that is thriving in the Philadelphia Renaissance. Most of the houses were build around 1910 by Italian immigrants. Most of the families have been living in EPX since the first generation immigrants moved. Some are in … Continue reading