The Jersey Shore we don’t advertise


After a weekend of traipsing around the city my favorite summertime treat is to take a day off in the middle of a work week and drive to the Jersey Shore for the afternoon. Not the Jersey Shore advertised on t.v. or the show on Mtv. the super chill long stretches of sand that are only 1 hour from Philly. drive about 45 minutes and turn left at exit 7 the next many exits down south offer amazing seclusion, peace, and an easy jaunt to classic boardwalk bites.

Perfect midweek summer holiday from Philadelphia for me is to grab my beach chair, attachable umbrella, book of the moment and drive Southeast. Exit Ocean City drive south stop and get a sandwich park and walk a block to a little piece of vacation with a view of the Atlantic.

On the way home I love to stop at the boardwalk and have a Khor Bros. custard and a bit of Johnson’s caramel corn as a souvenier. ah – nothing like a 6 hour mini-break to refresh.


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