Philadelphia sailing

Philadelphia and sailing aren’t two things that come to mind for most. Not much for me either but, for anyone that just likes being on a boat the Delaware river can suffice. The photo gives an idea of the differnt vessels in the river. You can learn to sail or just pay for a couple hour ride up and down the river and see a bit of everything – if it floats it probably in there. Tug boats, jet skis, motor boats, and schooners along with a ferry that goes from Penn’s landing to Camden aquarium. An industrial sail can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. In Philly’s other river the Schuykill you can see rowers which is pretty awesome for those of us that are only familiar with rowing from movies and from the gazebo at the back of the art museum there is a lovely view. The Delaware boat rides can be a little odd because of all the industrial scenery – usually a boat ride will give a more picturesque view but, that is what gives it Philly charm.

One Response to “Philadelphia sailing”
  1. Diane Casey says:

    Hi Jeri, I’ve been on the Spirit of Philadelphia for touring and for a wedding. It is a three hour ride up and back on the Delaware. Sitting outside on the deck, watching the view with a lap full of food and a glass of wine is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

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