Coffee. Good coffee and atmosphere in Philly

Old City is a tourist neighborhood because it’s where all of the history starts – first church, first post office, first residential street, Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin’s house, etc. What does this have to do with coffee? A little bit…
Old City has zoning that prohibits chain stores to keep it local and small. A few years ago Starbucks popped up in Old City and there was a lot of concern about why and if this would be the demise of Old City. The reason it was passed was because tourists were not venturing into the neighborhood to see all there is to see so Starbucks is recognizable and inviting and would draw people down the road into the tourist offerings and shops. It worked and the local coffee shops still are busy but many people that come to Philly don’t realize the great coffee shops the city has.

Here are a few of my favorites and little aspects I love about them.

Old City coffee on Church Street – they roast in house daily and bake apple cake and scones fresh. The Balzac blend is lovely.

Chhaya Cafe – Chaya is on Passyunk in South Philly and they appreciate the art of coffee. You pick the roast and the method of brewing – pour over, siphon, French press. They make delicious waffles. They vibe is friendly and local.

Ultimo– in south phily at Mifflin and 15th – the barista here won an award for his skills. The sell and serve counter culture coffee and they serve a great cup, snacks from local shops, sell beer by the bottle, and have a super welcoming atmosphere

La colombe– Rittenhouse on 19th between Samson and walnut- the atmosphere brings you to a little European coffee house. Simple menu of coffee, cappuccino, espresso…and great croissants

One Response to “Coffee. Good coffee and atmosphere in Philly”
  1. Diane Casey says:

    I visited Ultimo with some friends. I do not drink coffee at all. When I told the barista that, he asked me to keep an open mind and “created” some sort of what he called “soft coffee” drink. It was delicious – it was like having a cup of warm coffee ice cream.

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