the EPX

EPX is a neighborhood in South Philly. It’s not up and coming or new it is an old neighborhood that is thriving in the Philadelphia Renaissance.

Most of the houses were build around 1910 by Italian immigrants. Most of the families have been living in EPX since the first generation immigrants moved. Some are in the same houses and some moved just around the corner from the house they grew up.

There is a strong sense of community and in the past 2-3 years as houses become available the neighbors have been welcoming and bonding with a younger generation of 30-somethings newly married and starting families.

The name EPX stands for East Passyunk Crossing – where Passyunk Avenue crosses the East side of Broad street.

Passyunk is the Avenue and it is prospering with new business development anchored by established EPX restaurants, bakeries, and tailors. There are restaurants opening every few months and any given night there are locals drinking and dining at the sidewalk cafes.

The photo is of one of the many streets in EPX that has lights strung from house to house giving a festive vibe year round….and it is a great neighborhood to see sunset in Philly. urban sunsets and friendly people


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