Philadelphia :: most muraled city in the world

It is becoming a more commonly known fact about Philadelphia and its murals. There are mural tours offered to guide people through different neighborhoods and point out certain murals but, for anyone living in the city we see murals everyday and probably don’t even notice after a while. It took me a few years of … Continue reading

Grab a book and a chair, it’s acorn season in Philly

This summer has been odd. record breaking heat and torrential rains a glimmer of a sunny summer day was rare. Now it is late August and the squirrels are already out and about. Usually this starts later next month but it seems like we are all confused and I am welcoming fall with open arms. … Continue reading

gardens in Philadelphia

When you walk around Philadelphia you will see patches of green and a flower pot or two but, it isn’t the first place you think lovely gardens and greenery. When Philadelphia was planned it was desinged with squares for meeting and spacing out communities. A few of these squares remain like Washington Square and Rittenhouse … Continue reading

Coffee. Good coffee and atmosphere in Philly

Old City is a tourist neighborhood because it’s where all of the history starts – first church, first post office, first residential street, Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin’s house, etc. What does this have to do with coffee? A little bit… Old City has zoning that prohibits chain stores to keep it local and small. … Continue reading

Shepard Fairey murals in South Philly

Philadelphia is the most Muraled city in the world. There are many mural tours to see the art work but there is an amazing artist that goes around the world flanking his work around cities. Shepard Fairey came to Philadelphia last year and peppered the town with his art. In South Philadelphia there are a … Continue reading

A wooden street in Philadelphia

In the area recently named Midtown Village with notable restaurants like El Vez and Sam Pan just a block away is a small street called Camac. Philadelphia is peppered with tiny streets barely wide enough for a car because many of the streets were built prior to cars and were ample for a horse. What … Continue reading

Philadelphia – ways to enjoy your weekend in spite of the heat

Philadelphia is a pedestrian town. It is flat and small enough to walk across town in about 30 minutes. Most weekends we walk around town meeting up with neighbors and friends, going to an outdoor festival, sidewalk restaurant, or backyard/roof deck bbqs. This summer we have record heat and a one block walk feels similar … Continue reading