Philadelphia :: most muraled city in the world

It is becoming a more commonly known fact about Philadelphia and its murals. There are mural tours offered to guide people through different neighborhoods and point out certain murals but, for anyone living in the city we see murals everyday and probably don’t even notice after a while.
It took me a few years of living here to realize how much at work is anywhere you look in this city.

1. Start at the corner of Morris and Passyunk to see 4 amazing murals of a priest in front of a cremation chamber, a man looking through a periscope, and a street scene from the early 1900’s
2. continue up Passyunk north when you get to the corner where Pat’s steaks is look left and there is a fairly new mural with flowers and vegetables
3. turn up 9th street and cross Washington – keep your eyes uopen and up for any new art that’s been created on your walk.
4. On 9th between stop at Sarcone’s Bakery for a treat – so worth it. They have been in business for 89 years and they sell out everyday.
5. With your bakery treat continue up 9th to the park at the corner of 9th and Bainbridge. This is where my favorite mural is and a great coffee shop known for thier house chai

Wonder around this neighborhood to the north and west to discover many more colorful and entertaining murals. Here are a few photos of just a few in the vicinity:


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