Grab a book and a chair, it’s acorn season in Philly

This summer has been odd. record breaking heat and torrential rains a glimmer of a sunny summer day was rare. Now it is late August and the squirrels are already out and about. Usually this starts later next month but it seems like we are all confused and I am welcoming fall with open arms.

A favorite fall Saturday in the city:
Yoga at Shanti Yoga Shala
Brunch at Farmicia
A cup of tea to go
walk to the park behind carpenter’s hall
Unfold my lawn-chair open my favorite book and relax
I pick this park because there are squirrels gathering acorns and buring them all over. It is something I haven’t seen anywhere else and there is something amazing about being in the midst of it with a cup of tea.

The photo above is from last fall when the trees were changing. I was walking down the sidewalk with my chair to the park before spotting the acorns above.

One Response to “Grab a book and a chair, it’s acorn season in Philly”
  1. Diane Casey says:

    Hi Jeri, I agree – I can’t wait for fall. For pumpkins and mums, and the windows open and no air conditioning! My friend Michele went for a walk with her husband on Wednesday and slid on an acorn, fell and broke her hand.

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