Shepard Fairey murals in South Philly

Philadelphia is the most Muraled city in the world. There are many mural tours to see the art work but there is an amazing artist that goes around the world flanking his work around cities. Shepard Fairey came to Philadelphia last year and peppered the town with his art. In South Philadelphia there are a couple corners that you can see these murals: 6th & Reed is one hidden in the residential streets and 9th street south of Washington is where I took this photo. A great treat for passers-by. Take a stroll starting at 6th & Reed walk west to 9th and turn right walking up 9th passing Pats and Genos cheesesteak corner a few blocks up 9th look on the right side of the street to see the second Shepard Fairey mural!
Just past Washington is the Italian market – great brunch at Sabrinas on Christian at 9th.

Shepard Fairey is the artist that did Obama’s hope graphics for the 2008 campaign and the Andre the giant obey graphics that started showing up around cities in the late 90’s moving to clothing and fashion in the 2000’s.

Shepard Fairey

One Response to “Shepard Fairey murals in South Philly”
  1. Thumper says:

    You should check out the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” for more Shepard Fairey and street art in general. Good flick.

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