Philadelphia – ways to enjoy your weekend in spite of the heat

Philadelphia is a pedestrian town. It is flat and small enough to walk across town in about 30 minutes. Most weekends we walk around town meeting up with neighbors and friends, going to an outdoor festival, sidewalk restaurant, or backyard/roof deck bbqs.

This summer we have record heat and a one block walk feels similar to 10 minutes in a sauna. So what’s a Philadelphian to do in the midst of all the heat? Welcome a weekend of relaxation and culture.
Spas and museums are in abundance here – we are in for a treat of a weekend lazing in the air conditioning learning about lost worlds and found art, refreshing our skin, and indulging in amazing ice cream.

Stay cool weekend guide:

Friday Night:
1. Art After 5 at the Art Museum

  • The first Friday of the month from 5-8:54 drinks, live music, and food at the museum!

1. day at the spa in Old City – Terme di Aroma
2. followed by yummy ice cream at the Franklin Fountain

  • The Franklin Institute is owned by brothers that perfected the craft of ice cream. It’s an old timey ice cream parlor that makes the day complete with amazing sundaes and sodas

1. The Mummy Exhibit at Franklin Institute

  • largest exhibit of mummies travels to Philadelphia – at the Franklin Institute until October 23rd

2. After the exhibit if you want to seem something quintessential Philly check out the fountain across the street Logan Circle fountain greets city kids as a public pool…the budget cuts and public pool closures turned this fountain into a summer water park for many people in the city. Go ahead stick your toes in the fountain!

One Response to “Philadelphia – ways to enjoy your weekend in spite of the heat”
  1. Diane Casey says:

    my son goes to school at UArts and spends most of his free time walking around the city. He was intrigued by the giant plug near the Art Museum. He is going to take a bunch of friends out to see it next weekend.

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